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Role of Choreographers

Choreography is described as the practice or art of sequential designing of movements of the physical bodies involving either form, motion or both. Another definition of choreography is the creation of plans and conventions which are used are used for various purposes including construction of objects, measurable human interaction, and systems. Choreography is used in a number of fields including musical theater, fashion shows, cinematography, gymnastics, animated art, video game production, show choir among many others. Dance choreography or dance composition is the art of creation of dances in choreography while in performing arts, application of choreography is done in human movement and form. A professional person who does all the activities involved in choreography can be referred to as choreographer.

Choreographers takes an active role in producing music videos. These music videos are described as short films for use by the artistic or for the purposes of product promotion which integrates both the songs as well as the imageries. Having a well-produced music video will enhance the sale of the music recording hence most choreographers will use the high-quality videos for marketing. TV commercials in most cases are produced by the choreographers. Most TV commercials are produced by organizations by a choreographer they have a contract with which they pay a television channel to air it on their behalf to the viewer of the television channel. The major purpose of production of TV commercials is for the purposes of passing information to the viewers regarding the organization as well as marketing of services and products belonging to that organization. Airing of TV commercials by a television channel which has made an agreement with the organization will benefit in that the organization will pay the channel for the period that they shall be airing the TV commercial. Choreographers are required to produce high-quality TV commercials which are going to catch the attention of the viewer and the organization will benefit in ways such as increase sale of products and services as well as conveying the intended message to those that may be concerned.

Production TV commercials and music videos need the choreographer to possess certain skills that will ensure that they are successful. Most choreographers practice in choreography as a talent which with time they have been able to put it in practice and emerge successful. A choreographer needs to have knowledge of all the styles and routines used in choreography to ensure that one is able to produce appropriate story ideas which are related to either music videos or TV commercial production. Having excellent skills in leadership will ensure that they can properly control and guide individuals involved in the creation of music dances or TV commercials. In successfully producing TV commercials and music videos, creativity by the choreographer is key as well as discipline is sacrificing in all ways to ensure successful work.

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