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The law is categorized into two, criminal law and civil law. Civil law is the category of law that deals with wrongs against an individual or their property. On the flip side of the coin is criminal law that deals with cases against the society. Civil lawsuits generally deal with cases that are not criminal in nature such as negligence, personal injury, family dispute and small claim litigation.

Most personal injury cases, such as those that result from a car accident, often result in civil litigation. Allegation of negligence could also lead to civil litigation, e.g., on property that causes damage due to neglect by owner. Civil law, as previously mentioned, also encompasses family law where cases to deal with child custody, divorce and adoption are handled.

Also worth mentioning is the fact most often there are special courts for specific categories of civil law cases. A good example is a family law court often set aside to handle matters that touch on family issues. Small claim cases are generally cases that involve small amounts of money and will often be heard in small claim courts.

In the US, a civil lawsuit proceeding will commence when a case is filed against another person for wrongdoing. Whoever files the lawsuit is referred to as the plaintiff and whoever is being sued is referred to as the defendant. The plaintiff will most often than not consult with a civil law attorney just to be sure his case is valid, upon which they will proceed to issue a notice of complaint to the defendant.

It needs no mentioning the burden of proof often lies on the plaintiff to prove beyond reasonable doubt that their claims are valid. It is thus the responsibility of the plaintiff to find a competent lawyer that will help ensure they prove beyond any doubt they deserve to be heard. it is also worth noting plaintiffs are often given precedence in the presentation of evidence before the defendants are given a chance to do the same.

Unless either party requests for a jury trial, results of most civil law cases will be determined and issued by a judge. Typically, the jury trial will have anywhere between six and twelve jurors deliberately privately to reach a verdict. Unless on very rare occasions, the jury’s verdict is often unanimous. Now that you understand civil law, it is important to mention the need to find a reputable law firm to represent your needs. Having a competent and experienced attorney is especially important in cases where compensation is at stake.

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